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Biosol Renewables UK Ltd are a Welsh sustainable energy company specialising in biomass wood chips and boilers. These products not only benefit the environment, but also offer the chance for customers to generate earnings. As exclusive UK distributors of the most efficient boilers and energy alternatives, Biosol Renewables UK are helping fuel become more sustainable and cost-effective. They will use the money raised to purchase further stock.

Maximising your energy potential in a sustainable manner

Our goal at Biosol Renewables UK is to maximise energy potential while maintaining the environment we live in; our products have high efficiency and low emissions at their core. We provide high-quality virgin wood chips, ideal for using as biomass fuel. This is sustainably sourced and processed locally, quality tested to ensure it meets the requirements for class A2 moisture level as we comply with stringent industry certifications. Our standards are BSL Authorised, and we hold the certification mark for Onsite Sustainable Energy Technologies, plus the The Renewable Energy Consumer Code.

We also stock biomass boilers, which, in essence, pay for themselves: with significant savings to be made on fuel cost and government grants and incentives available through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, the returns are fantastic. Not only this, biomass boilers are 50-75% cheaper than oil, LPG, and electricity; they have a longer life span, and provide security from fluctuating fuel costs in the UK. Our skilled team can advise which boiler best fits your needs as we stock a range of popular names, such as Hertz, Binder, PAT LEE, and more. We exclusively stock SWEBO BioTherm boilers that have a unique combustion system which takes bio-energy to the next level: all agricultural by-products (straw, manure, offal) can be burnt to produce clean energy, and then the leftover ash can be used as fertiliser in the forest industry.

These products have undergone extensive, 20 years plus, research and development processes, and continue to have a notable impact on the market and industry. We will use the funds raised in this campaign to purchase more stock and continue to distribute sustainable fuel alternatives throughout the UK. We undertake a range of small to large projects and as our business grows, we can replicate and scale our success.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 160k
£ 160k
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Funded 8 months ago in 29 days

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Key people

Neil Bundock
Benjamin Alexander Bundock
Richard Emlyn Bundock
Amber Bundock

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A. Sorry i am unable to to upload any documents on to this portal. Our latest management accounts shows a net profit of almost 200k

A. My apologies have been out of country and have updated as requested. hopefully answers are accepted

A. As a company we are growing and developing our business on new innovative boiler designs and have brought a product to the market that burns Horse manure and poultry manure as a fuel which is RHI compliant and have recently installed 3 systems in the uk which are accredited with Ofgem

A. Further development as we have an exclusive boiler that is RHI compliant that burns horse and poultry manure as a fuel.

A. We produce our own wood chip up to 100,000tons per year and also now supply wood pellets to the Biomass and equine bedding sector

A. 2018 was very good with net profit in the region of 200k, there are many ongoing jobs and we are further investing in further boiler installs

A. Proportion of turnover from boiler and fuel sales is 60% and servicing and repairs 40%

A. The loan from lending crowd which doesn't affect this loan and the only company this relates to is Biosol Renewables.

A. Neil Bundock was a director of Spring Renewables but resigned from this company in the spring of this year, but neither Amber or Benjamin Bundock were involved in Spring Renewables and the Biosol web site is currently in the process of being resurrected

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"Maximising your energy potential in a sustainable manner"

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