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Bink Outdoor, trading as Outside Gang, have developed high-quality, stylish cooler tables for outdoor use while camping, having BBQs and picnics, as well as indoor use at parties. Manufactured in the UK, their signature freebird and homebird cooler tables have proved popular at trade shows, with big retailers such as Homebase, now stocking them. After a successful year, with online sales picking up and increasing interest from big retailers, they are raising funds to manufacture more of their exciting products.

We believe in well-made products which have many purposes that suit a range of lifestyles.

We are a husband and wife team, with backgrounds in marketing and design, who are passionate about creating high-quality functional pieces of furniture, which will enhance your lifestyle. Be it a BBQ in your back garden, a picnic on the beach or a crazy New Years party. We want to create products that look incredible and can have multiple uses and fit into a variety of lifestyles. After several parties and camping trips, we noticed that there were lots of items that could be condensed into one super cool, compact product. So that’s what we did. We designed freebird and homebird to fill a small space in our home/car/garden and a big space in our hearts, and that’s what we hope to achieve with all of our future ideas.

Our products are designed and manufactured in the UK, which means we’re close to the factories that help make our products. Through rigorous prototyping, we have made some clever additions to our products, our anodised party tray and mineral oiled bamboo top complete our freestanding outdoor sinks – making them the best bar and functioning side table ever. Each part of our products have been considered and their materials chosen for their unique properties. Our anodised components are built to last, our plastics are UV treated, so they are hard-wearing. Our bamboo is renewable, and mineral oil coated for hygiene! Ultimately, we are building a family of products which have the same design ethos - to have fun, but also make life outdoors simple.

Over the past year our online sales have picked up and we have received a great deal of interest at trade shows from numerous retailers. In fact, we are now stocked by Homebase all over the UK. We are now raising funds to invest in tools for production and to manufacture more stock for the year ahead.


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£ 50k
£ 30k
Estimated close date
Funded 8 months ago in 29 days

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Key people

Graham Andrew Reid
Jess Reid
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Investor rewards

Cooler than cool

If you invest £250 - £499
Get 15% off your new cooler table and kit

Ice cold

If you invest £500 - £999
Get 35% off your new cooler table and kit

Be free as a bird

If you invest £1,000 - £1,999
Receive a freebird cooler table of your choice

Host with the most

If you invest £2,000 - £9,999
Receive a homebird cooler table of your choice

Coming home to roost

If you invest £10,000+
Receive four homebird cooler tables with all the accessories

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Lymm, UK

"We believe in well-made products which have many purposes that suit a range of lifestyles."

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