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Belgrave, trading as Piccola Italia, is a professional catering team, serving delicious, fresh food with a Mediterranean twist. Born from a family restaurant founded in the 1975, they've continued their high standards of service and entertainment through to the events industry, catering for weddings, parties, corporate events, and more. Now set to expand, Piccola Italia will use the funds raised to hire a patisserie chef and upgrade their online and marketing offerings.

Celebrating with unique cuisine

At Belgrave, trading as Piccola Italia, we were founded by a family love of mouthwatering Mediterranean food. Our founder's grandfather set up a restaurant in the 1975, and we've carried on that same passion on a wider scale. We've kept the essence of top-quality flavours and high-end service, and made it available to catered events, from weddings to corporate gatherings. We have the capacity to cater for 20-10,000 guests, without losing the personal touch as we work with the hosts to plan, manage, and execute each event.

This includes designing a bespoke menu, either focusing on our Mediterranean heritage, or a different cuisine with a unique twist. Our food is at the heart of what we do, so we ensure all produce is fresh and we endorse locally sourced ingredients. We have seasonal menus and all food is prepared on-site at the client's venue of choice, whether they choose a large paella, an Italian feast, or dainty canapes.

We're raising funds to accommodate our growth, starting with our strategy for greater reach. This includes upgrading our website, improving our use of SEO, and expanding our marketing and PR practices. We also plan to add to our growing team of skilled professionals, starting with a specialised patisserie chef.


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£ 80k
£ 33k
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Where will the funds go?

Upgrade Website
PR and Marketing
Hire new patisserie chef

Key people

Gael Casenave-Camgaston

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A. Hello Mohammad,
I am trying to get 80,000 pound for my campaign.
I know sometimes it takes much longer to get it from one lender, so once i get to this target from any funding platform, i will take it.

A. Hello Jocelyn,
Many thanks for your inquiry.
I get most of my customers through word of mouth mainly and repeat customers.
I have formed a website and but this website still needs a lot of work done to it .
the loan will go mainly to advertising and seo and upgrading the website, youtube videos and social media presence through facebook instagram and pinterest.
When i did website the web developer added me to few free directories and on Google which got me few leads .

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"Celebrating with unique cuisine"

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