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Beach UK, trading as Beach Independent Financial Advisors (Beach IFA), specialise in financial planning, helping clients better understand and manage their financial future. Regulated by the FCA and with an emphasis on commitment to existing clients, Beach IFA offer protection, investment, and pension services, among others. They will use the funds raised to facilitate a management buy-in, where the younger team will relieve the current management of control as part of a planned handover process.

Financial advice and client commitment

Beach UK, trading as Beach Independent Financial Advisors (Beach IFA), is an FCA-regulated financial planning business, advising on investments and insurance. We offer bespoke assistance through a range of wealth management services, such as protection, savings and investments, pensions, auto-enrolement, and wills, taking into consideration your needs and objectives. All our advice is impartial and caters to a wide range of clients, whether they're private individuals or business owners.

We've worked hard to build an esteemed reputation in our industry, and we're highly regarded by accountants and solicitors. This is one of the main ways we obtain new clients, through recommendation. Primarily, though, we focus on our commitment to existing clients: we regularly obtain clients who are added via our pension scheme, and then stay on for our financial advice services. We're part of only 5% of pension schemes in the UK to offer this ability to stay oh, and 75% of our annual income comes from these ongoing fees.

Having established a successful business model, we're now thinking ahead. Our long-term plan is to allow the younger management team to buy shares from our current director, Robert, as he eventually eases into retirement. The money raised in this campaign will help facilitate this planned handover process. We anticipate that with this move, our turnover and profit will more than double in the next five years as a result.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 120k
£ 120k
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Funded 4 months ago in 17 days

Where will the funds go?

Management buy-in

Key people

Robert Dalziel
Maxwell Dalziel
Director/ Trainee Advisor
Jo Smith
Office Manager
Nick Ling

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A. The decsion on rate will be agreed after discussion with our accountants.

A. Nick Ling is Authorised to Diploma level and studying for Chartered Status, advising a growing number of clients, taking over younger clients from Rob, with the aim he will advise straight forward clients currently under 45. He works alongside Rob with more complicated clients. Maxwell has passed 7 of the 8 exams for Diploma status and will then be fully authorised. He currently attends meetings with Nick and will continue to do that for 18 months to 2 years before advising in his own right.

A. Yes interest will be charged but below the rate on the loan.

A. The business is continually increasing turnover and profit but needs the purchase of shares to link in key staff to accomadate future growth in both turnover and profit.

A. Dividend payments are paid after allowing for capital expenditure which is mainly computer related and written off immediatly.

A. We do not actively market the business and purposely do not have keywords etc on our website to ensure we stay off the first pages of Google etc, as an influx of enquiries would currently have a detrimental affect on our ability to service existing clients and the new clients through the pension schemes we run and those recommended by existing clients. Workplace pensions means far more people will have to take advice at retirment increasing demand and our plan is to expand to meet that demand.

A. Hopefully you can see that Robert is not being bought out, but wants to continue by guiding the business rather than being involved on a day to day basis, allowing the younger senior part of the team to take over the day to day business and the advisers to look after the younger and new clients so he can continue looking after established clients. He prefers this to a sale and working part time for someone else, so turned down offers to sell having confidence in the team with his investment.

A. We have traded in Financial Advice for 26 years since Rob set that up, solely as an IFA for ten years afer an amicable split between the IFA and general insurance sectors of the business. There are only some 27,000 individuals authorised to provide advice out of just under 40,000 qualified individuals. Providing proper financial planning as we do,that number can only service some 15% of the working/retired population. The industry needs to grow to meet demand and learn how to work smarter.

A. Can you detail where you found this inofmation as we invest funds and earn fees for that work and ongoing work for clients, the cost of this is salaries, professional fees, insurances, software licences, rent etc and has never been zero.

A. We have considered various sources but tis is our prefferred route for the initial management buy in. Further loans will be taken in future years when the three young Directors are in a position to fund the purchase of further shares in the business form Robert.

A. Maxwell is Robert's son, Jo hase worked for the business for ten years and Nick for four years and are no relation.

A. The company is Beach UK Ltd, trading as Beach Indpendent Financial Advisors and can be found under that at Companies house and on the FCA register. The dormant companies have never traded, they were registered to protect the trading name and similar.

A. A smaller portion, the previous replies cover this question.

A. The Buy in is the route preferred by Robert, he is 61, wishes to continue guiding the company, advising a small group of long standing clients along with assisting Nick and Max on more complicated advice to new clients. He needs the younger senior team to take over the younger clients and day to day running of the business so he can continue well past State pension age but working reduced hours. This route is preferred to an outright sale and has been endorsed by the Company's Accountants.

A. It is not an MBO, this is to facilitate three Directors to buy in, Robert will still hold the majority shares. The three Directors will then own 5% in shares each.

A. The loan will be to the company and then made as a Directors Loan to the management team to allow them to purchase shares in the company along with receiveing equal free shares.

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