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Barefoot Conservation is a not-for-profit organisation in the stunning Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Their mission is to apply the skillset of volunteers to aid the community, scientific research, and preservation of the world's most bio-diverse region. In turn, trip-makers gain practical experience and the reward of making a significant difference to the island. They're returning to Crowd2Fund to raise money for building a second basecamp on Komodo Island, which their last raise enabled them to secure, and to renovate their liveaboard boat.

Make a difference. See a difference. Be the difference.

80% of the world's coral species can be found in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, making it the most bio-diverse region in the world with whale sharks, manta rays, sperm whales, turtles, and tropical fish. We started Barefoot Conservation to give people the opportunity to explore, but most importantly to help preserve and sustain the stunning Coral Triangle of Indonesia. There is currently a pressing problem with pollution – primarily plastic – in the oceans which is largely self-inflicted, and we need all the help we can get to clean up these beautiful oceans. Therefore, we not only offer the opportunity to explore this underwater world, but our volunteers can also gain scuba diving qualifications and the field skills essential for pursuing marine biology careers.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, so the fees that our volunteers pay are used to fund the projects we embark on. Each project is designed to meet both the immediate and long term needs of the island and its inhabitants, as we work in partnership with the Raja Ampat government. Aside from marine conservation, environmentally, this extends to river and beach clean-ups, renewable energy programmes, and climate change research. We encourage our volunteers to also engage with the islanders through teaching English and educating them on environmental issues – at the moment, we teach English in three local community schools. Over-tourism is an extremely damaging factor contributing to the environmental crisis, but our mission seeks to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in the community to discourage unsustainable ways of living and combat poverty.

We're based on Arborek Island, but have plans to open a second basecamp on Komodo Island. We came to Crowd2Fund last year to get funding to secure this location, which we're pleased to say was a great success. With the land certificates and building permits ready to go, we will now use the money raised in this campaign to begin the building work. Additionally, we were able to purchase a new boat which is paramount to our diving excursions and now require further funds to carry out renovations and maintenance on our liveaboard services. As a 'thanks' for your pledge, we are offering rewards – you can even join us on our stunning island and see for yourself how your money is used!


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Building a resort on Komodo Island
Liveaboard renovations
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Simon Barden
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Investor rewards

Come and join us!

If you invest £500 - £999
10% discount for a trip (1 week) + free t-shirt

Dig out your diving gear

If you invest £1,000 - £4,999
20% discount (1 week trip) + free t-shirt

Make a difference

If you invest £5,000+
50% discount (1 week trip) + free t-shirt

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"Make a difference. See a difference. Be the difference."

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