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B.E.S. brings world leading mobility and daily living products to the NHS to help provide the highest quality of care for their patients. The aim of this investment is to spread awareness and expand BES’ 'Activities to Share' division, making its products accessible outside of the NHS to people of all ages and who are affected by dementia or learning difficulties. These products can help connect young people and the elderly by enabling interaction and communication, thus bringing generations together.

BES’ core ideology is to enable better quality of life and independent living through its innovative solutions.

BES Rehab has been introducing innovative products to the UK for over two decades, supporting clinicians and healthcare professional who are responsible for prescribing equipment to individuals with disabilities. Through its divisions – Rehab, Decon, Healthcare, the company provides market-leading solutions and healthcare technologies sourced from around the world to improve the health directly or indirectly of individuals across the UK.

With over 1.5 million people having learning disabilities, and just under 1 million suffering from Dementia, BES’ Managing Director, Dr Barend ter Haar decided to find solutions that could cater to these needs. He came across Activities to Share, a company established in the Care Homes and Nursing Homes sector that provides activities, games, memory and interactive products, to help cope with the limitations of Dementia.

BES acquired Activities to Share, and is now looking for funding to extend the company’s scope, as so many of these products are just as applicable to people of all ages, and those with learning disabilities. With this funding, Dr ter Haar’s vision is to reach individuals and their families directly, and spread awareness of products that are made accessible in the UK through Activities to Share.

The gap between generations is getting bigger. These products can help connect young people and their elderly relatives by enabling interaction and communication. BES has great plans of spreading brand awareness through Social Media, Direct Mail, Website, E-commerce, Conferences, and training seminars open to all.

If you would like to know more about Activities to Share products visit

BES Rehab has always been known in the industry as the ‘Fount of Knowledge’, and offers training programmes on clinical and practical information related to pressure care, posture and positioning, and more.Under Dr ter Haar’s guidance, BES has continually strived to offer healthcare solutions to NHS hospitals, the elderly, and people with disabilities. BES’ core ideologies have been to enable independent living, and provide better quality of care in Bristol and the rest of the UK, and the company has continually achieved this over the last two decades.

Along with the success he has achieved with BES, Dr ter Haar has previously served as a Director of the BHTA for eight years. He has also played a vital role within ISO Seating Standards since its inception in 1998, and is currently the Convenor of the ISO and CEN Sterilisers Groups for their terminology standards
BES is a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) and has won many awards for being an excellent distributor in the UK. Furthermore, The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) has awarded their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award to entrepreneur and educator Dr Barend ter Haar (bottom centre image).
BES has recently been re-accredited by BSI to the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard. BES Rehab Ltd has always been recognised for its quality solutions and systems. By meeting BSI’s BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard, BES can promise its customers consistent performance and service delivery, and improve customer satisfaction. BES has always put its customers’ needs and expectations first, and the ISO re-accreditation is a testament to this.

To know more about BES’ products visit and to know more about the company visit

Our Current Suppliers: Bodypoint, Stealth, Varilite, Leggero, Rupiani, Tamarack, Vista Medical, CISA, Entrhal, Aexis Medical, Zign Medical, EarlySense, and many more. Visit our websites to find our more about the brands we support.


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A. The loss arose from exceptionally high investment in R&D that year. As stated before, we supplied the financial information requested by the funding body.

A. That was all that was requested by the Funding body. Previous years are available from Companies House

A. Our success over the years has come from finding innovative health related products from around the world and bringing them to the UK. Most medical products are zero rated and thus the purchases from the US, Canada, or Australia currently have zero duties applied.

A. Currently about 15-20% from Non-UK EU companies

A. In past years we have invested quite a good percentage of our profits into R&D and are currently benefitting from the tax benefits

A. 80% of our business comes from the NHS, and 15% from local authorities. There are no specific contracts attached - it's ongoing business

A. We bought a company £500K in 2015, and another for £230K in May this year: debt has been provided towards these purchases. The amount of debt in the 2016 figures has increased by £150K.

A. Revenues are not down in 2017, but the total revenue stream relates in part to past capital projects and their ongoing maintenance and consumables income, which decrease as the capital equipment is replaced.

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"BES’ core ideology is to enable better quality of life and independent living through its innovative solutions."

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