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Garage Equipment Group has over 15 years of experience in providing the highest quality garage and automotive servicing equipment at an affordable price. With this round of funding, we want to wind down our trade facility with HSBC, which will allows us more financial flexibility to continue investing and growing. We will also invest in product growth for the company so that we can continue to provide the exceptional customer service for which our client base knows us.

Quality Garage Equipment at Affordable Prices.

Since our formation in 2002, our continuous efforts to provide a high quality of customer service, along with high quality equipment, at an affordable price has led to us becoming the UK's largest independent garage equipment wholesale company.

We aim to leave our customers satisfied at every stage of their relationship with us, ensuring that we distribute, design, and assemble garage equipment to a standard such that we establish long term relationships with every business that we partner with. The equipment we provide include a range of lifts including 2 post and 4 post lifts, specialised motorcycle equipment, and mobile van tyre fitting equipment for those who need to aid their own customers on the go.

The safety of those using the equipment that we supply is imperative, so we can say with pride that we conform to all UK and European safety regulations because our customers' safety is our safety. Although all of the equipment that we supply is designed and built to last, we understand that sometimes things don't always go to plan, so all of our Eurotek and Platinum products come with a 2 year part warranty.

To continue helping our client base with their garage equipment needs, we require this round of funding both for product growth within the company as well as to allow flexibility to reduce our trade facility with HSBC.


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£ 150k
£ 150k
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Funded 10 months ago in 25 days

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Refinancing of HSBC facility
Product growth

Key people

Anita Allenson
Carl Allenson

A. Hi Martin, turnover is currently up not halved, could you double check that you're not looking at the unfilled half year to date 1 DEC 2016 - 31 MAY 2017 Please come back to me with any further questions.

A. We currently forward purchase dollars to cover potential exchange rate fluctuations. We are always working with our key suppliers to ensure we maintain margins. All our products are sourced outside of the EU.

A. Hi Paul, We have only provided figures from DEC to MAY 17, half year. Current turnover is up on previous year, we are maximising every sale opportunity to increase profitability.

A. This is to do with the reinvestment in to the business to support growth, along with successful R&D tax reclaims.

A. Hi Stefan, Due to continued expansion we have invested in a second unit to hold increased stock, this required the purchase of office & warehousing equipment hence the increase in long-term liabilities.

A. Figures provided are up to 31st May 2017 half year, turnover is actually up on previous year.

A. Turnover for 2017 is only the half year, turnover is currently up on previous not down, Assets are to to expansions new assets have been acquired.

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"Quality Garage Equipment at Affordable Prices."

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