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Atticrose provide a multitude of bespoke engineering solutions backed by a wealth of expertise. Their skilled and experienced team provide quality-assured and legally-approved specialist services from their U.K. bases, and have worked with the Royal Navy and U.S. Army, as well as in waste, recycling, and power station installation. This exciting range of business ventures is growing, therefore the funding will facilitate their upcoming projects and enable their successful expansion to continue.

Air, land, and sea: no job is too big for our facilities and expertise.

With an extensively experienced team, we have been able to provide high-quality, bespoke turnkey solutions for hundreds of projects across a huge range of sectors all over Britain. Our dedicated in-house resources tailor solutions to the needs of clients from a wide range of sectors. Aerospace, ceramics, and pharmaceutical companies are just a handful of the industries that we work with and can help through multiple channels, from project management to the design and manufacturing of third party capital projects. We operate within the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard approved by Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance, which means that our expertise is fully supported by the documentation and certification legally required.

One of our proudest successes to date is our involvement in the HMS Ocean, for which we were involved in the design and installation of an onboard Royal Navy support vessel. We were also heavily involved in the multi installation of off-hood furnaces for a £1.5m project based in Gateshead, where we were able to lend our efforts throughout the process from designing and manufacturing the products to performance testing and installation.

We have left a trail of high-quality results through our skill and expertise, and train each of our employees to the highest standard, with efficiency and safety in mind. There are many more projects that can benefit from our experience, and as our workload excitingly expands the funds raised on this campaign will ensure that we are there to lend a helping hand, whatever capacity is required.


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£ 100k
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A. Our Tax is covered by the amount of funds received by our R & D Tax credit scheme, this is automatically contra with this claim by HMRC

A. At present the order book is manageable but we are aware of a couple of potential orders that are due to land soon which will require further resources to be sourced, we expect these to be Jan to March 2018.
We are always looking to train our staff and push them to maximise their ability, which gives us new angles for sales.

A. Our first 1/4 are pretty much the same as previous year and this always tends to be our quieter quarter with our busy period being the final 1/4.

A. We sold two commercial properties recently which effected our assets and liabilities, this was sue to logistical reasons and we are now more streamlined under one building.

Whilst the buildings were in the same vicinity we found people were always travelling to different sites for meetings.

A. The March 2017 figures are from April 2016 to March 2017

A. Draft accounts are for the period to March 2017

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"Air, land, and sea: no job is too big for our facilities and expertise."

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