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Ascensor specialise in digital marketing and web design, offering professional and affordable results to businesses of all shapes and sizes. They are developing cutting-edge technology in the field of Progressive Web App development for Ecommerce, as well as successfully partnering with firms looking to recommend our entry-level website solution, 'Air', to their clients. The funds raised will accommodate their expansion into new office space, which will allow their team to grow.

Taking the hassle out of marketing and web design

Ascensor is a digital agency based in Leeds, fast becoming the place to go for cutting edge digital services in the UK. We offer bespoke website development for Ecommerce sites and Progressive Web Apps, as well as bespoke software for businesses, with top clients including Hitachi Capital and Betdaq (Ladbrokes).

What sets us apart from our competitors are our exclusive services like Ascensor Air, My.Ascensor, and Ascensor Liquid CMS. Respectively, these solutions fill the gap for small businesses looking to set up a website at an affordable price but with professional results, allowing clients greater control over their project and content management. We have experienced great success with this: Air has been adopted by Worcester Bosch as the recommended solution for their 4,000 installers (who can pay for their new website with points earned from WB). We are targeting the development of 50 Air websites per month by the end of 2018 and have other partnerships in the pipeline.

Another of our specialities is digital marketing. We are a Google Partner and Infusionsoft Partner, providing tailored and packaged digital marketing services to clients, including both organic and paid marketing services. We believe in data-driven marketing that generates the best conversion and therefore results; by taking care of the process for our clients, we empower them to manage their business while we take care of the technology side. We are also introducing support contracts to all clients with SLAs so that they can benefit from a priority service for small tasks. We have over 350 hosted clients. We are working towards ISO27001 and have all policies in place, we are preparing for audit and plan to move to full accreditation.

Following our success, we are now looking to move to larger offices to support our growth with the money raised. The space will house our team, as well as create a seminar space for complimentary businesses (including Google) to run workshops and seminars, introducing their contacts to Ascensor in a passive manner. The offices will uplift Ascensor’s presence in the city whilst still allowing us to be more cost-effective than similar agencies in our space.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
£ 150k
£ 150k
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Funded 1 year ago in 25 days

Where will the funds go?

Office Move / current delaps / fitout
Team Aquisition (short Term)
Marketing & Promotion

Key people

Andrew James Firth

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A. Hi Sharon,
we took a single loan out 2 years ago that has 2 years left to run. This was to upgrade hardware, invest in software, some of which was developed in-house (client portal), new furniture, an additional meeting space and an additional office in our current building which we have now outgrown. Interest rate is 8.5% and there is 2 years left to run.

A. Because it is more personally tax efficient, and based on the value I bring to the business, to keep my salary + dividends below the higher rate tax bracket it is better value for the business as well, rather than paying an equivalent salary.

A. I am the only director, I am paid a minimum salary and the rest is made up in dividends but kept below the higher tax band.

A. The estimated cost by our landlord is £20k but we think we can do this for half of that, we have a photo schedule.

A. Hi Charlotte, Ascensor is my number 1 focus and occupies 95% of my time. I am shareholder of 3 other businesses where Ascensor has been the provider of the app technology (2 apps are built and in test, the other app will be complete in 8 weeks), Smarter Retail is run by my partner, again Ascensor just provide the technology and marketing as a supplier, and I have a consultancy where I provide ad-hoc digital consultancy. Essentially Ascensor is at the heart of everything as a provider of services

A. Hi Golnar, the top 3 combined work out to be about 30%, we have over 300 clients hosted and just introducing service desk to build in support retainers for them. Our top spending client has been with us 7 years and has just commissioned a significant amount of new development work for us. We have also recently acquired their digital marketing work which is going well.

A. Year to date is strong, we are looking at around 25% increase YTD. New appointments just made, a re-brand of our Air entry level solution and it's adoption by a National brand, launch of our entry level Ecommerce solution and our evolution as a PWA developer are in place to double t/o within the next 18 months

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"Taking the hassle out of marketing and web design"

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