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Amchara Retreats, who offer personalised, luxury health retreats in Malta and Somerset, are back following their last successful raise. They have been inundated with bookings and are now seeking funds to buy and renovate extra lodges to accommodate more guests.

Change for Good

Here at Amchara Retreats, we focus on physical health, emotional wellbeing in a lifestyle-positive and sustainable way by providing a supportive environment where our clients can switch-off from the outside world and recharge. The content of each retreat is tailored to suit individual needs, determined by our health professionals. Clients will then experience carefully thought-out nutrition plans and health monitoring, active education classes, and educational talks and coaching throughout their stay with us. We champion naturopathic supplements and remedies, with the aim of making this applicable to daily life when our clients return home.

We have two stunning locations, both highly acclaimed. Our UK retreat is in Somerset, situated in a rural 19th-century manor house with private grounds perfect for tranquil recuperation. Our Malta location, on the historic island of Gozo, Malta allows our clients to rejuvenate in the sun. We have a large swimming pool and spa facilities, comfortable apartments, and a yoga studio offering glorious sunset views. These picturesque retreats have been featured in Porter, Vogue, the Independent, Channel 4, and Marie Claire, to name a few, and we've been named Condé Nast's Top Ten Wellbeing Retreats in the World (2017) and the Telegraph's Top Ten Retreats for Health in the World (2016).

With the funds from our previous raise with Crowd2Fund, we invested in our website, marketing and recruitment. As a result, bookings are up 20% for our UK retreat and we have had to turn away 70+ bookings because we had reached maximum capacity. With this new round of funding, we will purchase and renovate three Shepherd’s Huts to increase our capacity, as well as the launch our new tech products which we have been developing for the past year.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
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£ 200k
£ 101k
Estimated close date
Funded 6 months ago in 29 days

Where will the funds go?

Purchase and renovate three Shepherd's Huts
Launch new tech products

Key people

Karen Boyle
Justin John Williams
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Investor rewards

Nourish your body

If you invest £5,000 - £9,999
Complimentary nutritional health assessment.

Be our guest

If you invest £10,000+
Complimentary five-night stay in Gozo, Malta.

A. Hi Jakob. In Q1 2020 the tech platform is to be hived to a new entity with appropriate compensation to Amchara. The new entity will be advanced assured for SEIS. We will be raising £150K SEIS in Q1/Q2 and then £250K EIS in Q3. We have a platform already agreed to host this in fact it's this platform. If you want more detail on this please email Amchara directly or find me on LinkedIn - Many thanks. Justin Williams

A. Hi Raymond. We're still not throwing off enough cash to spend £150K on Shepherds Huts. The total liabilities are only those with C2F, we have c.£105K outstanding from the previous loans plus this planned loan of £200K. It's important to also remember that our tech spend this year will be c.£200K some of which can be capitalised to the balance sheet but either way still needs to be funded. This spend has taken the platforms from Alpha to Beta and about to hit soft launch

A. Hi Liam - HealthHub360 app is an evolution of our blog, much more user friendly than a blog permitting targeted advertising inline for users. It will be free to download and goes live Nov 24th, you can search in your play/app store for "HealthHub 360" but cannot download yet.. We are partnering with various social influencers to increase our reach, We also have a practitioner ERP/market place. You can visit to view the login page. This pilot launches next week.

A. Hi David, no the investment is for the shepherds huts and tech platforms. Kind regards. Justin

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