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Relax, recharge, reboot: this is the mantra of Amchara Retreats. The highly acclaimed getaways have two locations - one in Somerset and the other in Gozo, Malta - where they combine functional medicine and naturopathy to kickstart their clients' health through diet, exercise, and state-of-the-art facilities. As their business grows, Amchara Retreats will use the funds raised to develop their website and recruit additional staff.

Change for Good

Here at Amchara Retreats, we focus on physical health, emotional wellbeing in a lifestyle-positive and sustainable way by providing a supportive environment where our clients can switch-off from the outside world and recharge. The content of each retreat is tailored to suit individual needs, determined by screenings by our health professionals. Clients will then experience carefully thought-out nutrition plans and health monitoring, active education classes, and educational talks and coaching throughout their stay with us. We champion naturopathic supplements and remedies, with the aim of making this applicable to daily life when our clients return home.

We have two stunning locations, both highly acclaimed. Our UK retreat is in Somerset, situated in a rural 19th century manor house with private grounds perfect for tranquil recuperation. Our Malta location, on the historic island of Gozo, Malta allows our clients to detox in the sun. We have a large swimming pool and spa facilities, comfortable apartments, and a yoga studio offering glorious sunset views. These picturesque retreats have been featured in Porter, Vogue, the Independent, Channel 4, and Marie Claire, to name a few, and we've been named Condé Nast's Top Ten Wellbeing Retreats in the World (2017) and the Telegraph's Top Ten Retreats for Health in the World (2016).

We aim to develop our website. At the moment, we detail not only information about our retreats but offer medical explanations and tips for managing conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and hormonal concerns. We also run a blog to keep our community of clients up-to-date. With the money raised, we will continue to refine this, making it as user-friendly as possible. We will use use the funds to recruit more highly-trained staff as our business continues to grow.


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Karen Boyle
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If you invest £100 - £999
5% off Standard private retreat

Take a break

If you invest £1,000 - £4,999
10% off Standard private retreat

Kickstart your health

If you invest £5,000 - £9,999
20% off Executive private retreat + £100 off 360 health consultation package

Reboot your lifestyle

If you invest £10,000+
35% off Executive private retreat + free 360 health consultation package

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A. Hi Jocelyn
We're not for alcohol and drug rehab, that requires a specialist approach that we do not cater for. We support people with chronic health conditions including IBS, Arthritis, weight-management, obesity, stress and diabetes.
Historically we have done that via our residential retreat offering but now we are increasing our range of services by offering remote support via online/video consultations and functional medicine testing. The tech development support this new revenue channel

A. Hi Both properties are on long-term leases. Gozo we're 4 years into a 10-year lease and Uk is a new 5-year lease .

A. Hi Jocelyn - there have been some upgrades on the UK retreat. This year investment of £70,000 including replacement of carpets, painting of all rooms and communal areas and upgraded furniture. We often get feedback that the pictures do not do us justice particularly at our Gozo retreat. In terms of the specific image you're referring to I'm not completely sure which one you mean but I presume you mean the Gozo one. We have decorated that room recently and need to upload new images

A. Hi Ernst - I've just spoken with C2F and they have advised me I can issue you the summary figures here but not the Management Account's. Our turnover is £1.13M for 2017/18 and our net profit is £122K.

A. Hi Jacob
Retreats are normally paid in GBP/Sterling.though for some EU clients often Irish they prefer to pay in Euros though it amounts to the same amount paid as we base the prices on the current exchange rate.
Regarding Brexit; I've had a personal dialogue with the Maltese Prime Minister and he said that he could not for-see any circumstance where Malta (or the rest of the EU) will try to set financial barriers to anyone paying to travel to any EU country from the UK.

A. Hi Murray - Where we've said website it's actually website and tech. The website development plans have many tech elements built into them and this is the principal reason for the loan

A. There have been recent upgrades to the venue. Most of these reviews predate these upgrades. We stress on our website that we are focused on delivering personalised health solutions as opposed to luxury/spa/5star treatments

A. Hi Maria - We have strong management in both locations. The UK has been established for 8-years and the retreat in Gozo, Malta for 4-years.

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