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AmaVida provide the highest quality superfoods from around the world, delivered to your door. Based in London, they import nutritious and delicious jackfruit, dragonfruit, and açaí from sustainable farms in South America, thereby supporting both the environment and fair trade with local communities. AmaVida have exciting supply partnerships, both established and on the cards, so will use the funds raised to increase their stock and improve their packaging.

Leading the sustainable health revolution

Our mission at AmaVida is to share our passion for superfoods. We're a London-based business importing jackfruit, dragonfruit, and açaí smoothie pack products from the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, as well as organic small farmers in Nicaragua and India, to the UK. These three fruits are heralded for their wide range of health benefits, being high in vitamins and antioxidants, and are excellent sources of fibre. They're extremely versatile ingredients, as illustrated on the recipe section of our website.

Sustainability is central to what we do: our products are wild-harvested and organically farmed. We work with local farmers in South America, directly combatting the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. Therefore, the way we operate encourages alternative ways to use the environment and fairness to local communities.

Currently, we supply to retail establishments such as Planet Organic and As Nature Intended, and a large number of trendy F&B businesses across London. We have exciting prospects ahead of us as we've established new deals to supply further popular restaurant chains and to launch with Ocado. The money raised in this campaign will therefore enable us to purchase more stock in preparation and work on our packaging to optimise our fantastic products.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 25k
£ 25k
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Funded 11 months ago in 6 days

Where will the funds go?

Purchasing stock and packaging

Key people

Rayder Nogueira Machado
Vinicius Frigo
Distribuition Management

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A. Hi Darryl,
Many thanks for your interest on us,
As an small business we have struggled with cashflow and had to take some risks which has not been great for our credit score, Our sales are rising year on year which will give us better credit score in future as more money will be available,
Kind Regards,
Rayder Machado

A. Hi Michael,
Many thanks for your interest on us,
Yes correct it is only online sells,national wide,
Three products lines,
They offer marketing options that small brands can have a good exposure and sells opportunity,
Thank you,
Rayder Machado

A. Hi David,
Many thanks for your interest on us,
We are already signed in they suppliers ordering platform where the orders will be made from them, It is online national wide sales, They do 35.000 deliveries a weekly,
Many thanks,
Rayder Machado

A. Hi Jakob,
We have been growing organically and slow as we can,
Thank you,
Rayder Machado

A. Hi Jakob,
Most in the country we import from which is Brazil, Nicaragua and India.
Thank you,
Rayder Machado

A. Hi Jakob,
Many thanks for your interest on us,
Our products are premium grade wild harvest bought from small local farms and harvesters, to ensure fairness in the chain we must charge a fair price here.
Thank you,
Rayder Machado

A. Hi Jakob,
Sales YTD: GBP 63,278.50;
Forecast end of 2019: GBP 325,000.00
Kind regards,
Rayder Machado

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"Leading the sustainable health revolution"

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