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Providing a springboard into the job market for graduates, students, and school leavers, AllAboutCareers have an impressive 6 million users - and growing! They expertly pair job seekers with 170 of the UK's largest employers and operate an accessible website with thoughtful career guidance, working in collaboration with their sister companies specific to different sectors. Using the funds raised, AllAboutCareers will aim to grow their business by increasing intake of candidates and usability of their website.

Explore, search, understand

All businesses start with an idea. AllAboutCareers began when our founders, two law graduates, Jack and Paul, were frustrated with the lack of quality careers information out there for students. They set out to spread inspiration to like-minded job-seekers in three main categories: exploring, searching, and understanding. We start off our process with a quiz to find the best career path for you, using simple questions which highlight numerous sectors from finance to creative, health to law, and so on. Each sector profile includes career paths, job profiles, videos, and tips on how to get started.

For those actively searching, we have a a search tool for finding graduate jobs, placements, and internships; for school leavers, we have a selection of apprenticeships, programmes, and sponsored degrees to choose from. We aim to move away from elitist recruitment, hence the inclusion of non-university options, for which we have further guidance for, including how to start your own business. Here we overlap with a few of our sister companies, AllAbout School Leavers, AllAbout Law, AllAbout Finance Careers, and AllAbout LLMs, whose websites provide further services.

All our advice is free for those who sign up to our site, which is currently at 6 million users. Our business model is to match these job-seekers with employers, whom we assist to target specific users for both marketing and recruitment. We work with 170 of the largest employers in the UK and are planning to expand accordingly as the demand increases. Therefore, the funds raised in this campaign will go towards facilitating our growth as we enter the busy season of graduates looking for employment.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 50k
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Funded 6 months ago in 7 days

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Business expansion

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Jack Denton
Paul Harris

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"Explore, search, understand"

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