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Advanced Total Therapy is a nationwide group of private physiotherapy clinics who champion an holistic approach. They provide services, from acupuncture to deep tissue massage, to facilitate rehabilitation programmes for private patients and are the first choice for major insurance and corporate clients. With 40 clinics currently running, Advanced Total Therapy will use the funds to take on higher value contracts and open further locations.

Maximising rehabilitation potential

At Advanced Total Therapy, we are experts in physiotherapy, working to make our patients' recovery and rehabilitation as efficient as possible. We are private practitioners, with a chain of 30 clinics across the UK in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, and Berkshire. Our services are all evidence-based and holistic, including acupuncture, biomechanical assessments, joint mobilisation and thrusts, trigger point releases, deep soft tissue massage, strengthening programmes, and muscle energy techniques.

We work by first identifying the root cause of the symptoms, then administering our manual therapy via individual treatment plans. Our support continues throughout the rehabilitation process, ensuring these appointments are as efficient as possible to reduce unnecessary costs and clinic time. We treat a range of clients, who are mainly referred to us by insurance companies, but we also work with key health and corporate businesses to acquire trade.

This year we are ready to scale our business up by taking on higher value work. We also have plans set to grow our reach by increasing our number of clinics, so are therefore raising money in this campaign to get this process started.


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£ 80k
£ 80k
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Funded 1 year ago in 4 days

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Increase number of clinics
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Stephen Doherty
Richard Jackson

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A. We have fully trained senior staff members positioned in different parts of the country already. We have a very robust induction training program, clinical governance and ongoing support, therefore we are confident we can meet this challenge. Thanks

A. Hi,

We are not doing any NHS/ AQP work and pursuing this sector is not in our short or medium term plan.

A. Hi,

We mean both larger contracts and work that is chargeable at a higher rate.

A. We started the year with much less clinics and successfully expanded to our current size. During this rapid expansion we are very proud that we were able to maintain profitability.

A. Hi Michael,

Thanks for the question. Not sure where you have seen this. We have sites all over London, the south coast, midlands and north west.

The new sites will be a mixture of London and nationwide sites. We have a system to identify areas that are statistically likely to be successful, which has so far been very accurate.

A. Hi,

We only have a small business overdraft and use a factoring company for a small fraction of our ledger, due to longer payment terms.

A. Hi,

Crowdfunding allows us to build a relationship with a unique investor base. Furthermore, lower interest rates in comparison to a financial institution such as banks making payments more affordable.

A. Hi, we mean both larger contracts and also work that is chargeable on better terms. We already have well established relationships with major heath providers. We require funds to meet the cash flow requirements of these contracts and to open up further sites to meet the needs of current customers.

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"Maximising rehabilitation potential"

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