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Adrok challenge the precedents set by companies in the past through groundbreaking technology in the field of radar science. They provide cost-effective, and most importantly, environmentally-friendly, methods for fuel companies to obtain game-changing geophysical information. Funds from this campaign will help them further evolve their technology and deliver upcoming contracts.

Introducing a quiet revolution in geophysical services.

Our team of scientists that carry a wealth of experience in the field of radar science and its uses. Because of this, we’ve been able to provide a cost-effective, efficient, and most importantly, environmentally-friendly, method for fuel companies to obtain the accurate information that their projects are hinged on. To do this we use our Adrok scanner which is able to map not only the depth of a well, but the shape too.

The projects that we conduct have taken place in environments ranging from the frozen lakes in Ontario, Canada to the high-altitude mountains of Chile. The accuracy of our non-invasive technology has been lauded by people that we have collaborated with, such as Caithness Petroleum, with whom during a project we were able to forecast gas zones to within one metre of the actual depth.

Being able to stay ahead of the competition in our industry is not something that comes easy, and we understand the importance of continuously developing and designing new technologies. The funding from this campaign will be used to help us with our future designs and provide the best solutions that we are can to our clients.


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£ 80k
£ 80k
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Funded 8 months ago in 4 days

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Key people

Dr G Colin Stove
Founder and Chairman
Gordon Stove
Co-founder and CEO

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"Introducing a quiet revolution in geophysical services."

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