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Over the course of nearly 30 years, ACT Universal have built themselves to become a leading sheet metal and general engineering manufacturer, working with some of the most recognised companies in the UK. With the funds from this campaign they are looking to add to their team of engineers and specialists by investing in recruitment and training.

High-precision sheet metal fabricators supplying industry leaders.

At ACT Universal, we have spent decades putting our specialist knowledge in sheet metal manufacturing to good use for clients on projects of all sizes. We have worked with businesses from sectors including telecoms, retail display, and rail for projects ranging from a simple design to meeting the demands of most complex of enclosures. The high level of involvement that we can have is made possible by our in-house powder coating and finishing plant.

As leading sheet metal and general engineering manufacturers we have built a strong reputation among other industry-leading businesses. Our enclosure specialists have developed enclosures for telecoms giants such as Virgin Media and BT, as well as providing input on projects undertaken by London Underground.

Each time we are involved in a project for a client, regardless of the size of the task at hand or brand that we are working with, we put in 100%. Our ability to be involved as much as our clients want us to be, paired with our continuously high-quality results, is what sets us apart from the competition. We’ve spent time and effort earning the trust of our clients, and using the funds from this campaign we aim to add more experienced people to our team.


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Matthew Peach
Edward Peach

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A. Hi, In part yes. We are also requiring the extra cash for working capital to fund newly acquired business.

A. 2017-18 accounts will show a good profit and balance sheet strengthened. These accounts are currently being prepared by our external accountants so have not been included in any figures so far.

A. Majority of customers are UK based. However we have one very good customer in the EU and ACT are actively designing new products for the European market, as well as the UK.

A. Hi Turnover varied in last financial year due to lower than anticipated sales. This was mainly due to one of our main customers putting their £5 billion build project on hold. Whilst this is now coming back on line, it has been slower than expected due to their own management issues. These are now resolved.
Most of the business is month by month and it is rare for us to enter into long term contracts.

A. Equifax score is low due to a small loss previous year. The latest accounts are being prepared and these should show a good profit and the credit score is anticipated to increase.

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"High-precision sheet metal fabricators supplying industry leaders."

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