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Family-owned business Act Universal have returned again as demand increases for their products and services. They have a number of well-established clients such as Sky, BT, Virgin Media and TfL Underground, and they are one of the UK’s leading businesses in the metal fabrication industry. They have worked with various sectors and with their team of highly skilled and experienced staff, they aim to deliver to the demanding needs of their clients.

To be Britain’s foremost sheet metal engineering firm, with industry-leading customer service.

Having decades of experience in metal sheet engineering, we are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers based in Aylesford, Kent. We have extensive knowledge and experience in various types of industries and sectors and for that reason, we are able to help provide the best solutions for each business. We undertake all processes of manufacturing and powder coating and can even help with the earliest stages of the process and help with cad drawings. We can reverse engineer from samples if required.

Our business is family-owned and we operate in a team with over 25 members of staff. We take care of our team and we believe that the success of our business comes from their positive approach to each of our projects. We have a warm and friendly team whereby each client is greeted by, and they ensure that with every piece of work that they are involved as much as possible to produce high-quality results no matter the size of the task. Through our approach to client relations, we have built a strong reputation with reputable clients such as Sky, BT, Virgin Media, TfL Underground and TM.

We own the finest technology in the industry with vastly skilled staff members, so there isn’t much that we can’t produce. For this reason, our products are both cost-effective and efficient. Moreover, we’re now redeveloping our website to help market new products that we have made and have also seen a sharp rise in the raw materials we use for our manufacturing such as mild steel, aluminium, stainless steels etc. Having secured many new projects we will be using the funds to raise money in order to purchase these materials and to redevelop our website to help market our new line of creations.

Credit commentary:
The directors Matthew John and Edward James Peachare providing a personal guarantee, which means should the business fail and have insufficient assets within the business to repay the loan, we can look to the guarantor(s) to repay any shortfall on repayment. Additionally, the business is offering a debenture to secure the repayment of the loan.There have been no CCJs for the business or director. The Equifax score and grade, which we use to assess risk, are based on the 2023 accounts. The financial statements, prepared by an accounting firm, confirm the accuracy of the reported figures. In 2023, the company’s EBITDA was £262K, up from £182K in 2022, showing sufficient capacity to cover expenses and proposed facility. Turnover increased by 19%. Total Net Worth rose to £337K, providing assets to secure borrowing. The director’s salary remained consistent. Net cash from financing activities increased to £22,976. Recent bank statements indicate a consistent positive cash flow, with average balances consistently in the three-figure range. The Debt Service Coverage ratio is 0.61, and net gearing is 94%, indicating mixed financial risk. The business maintains a stable creditor days ratio of 59 days and has successfully paid off two loans in full back in 2021 with Crowd2Fund.

Inflation Risk:
The company has stated that inflation has been a major cause of lack of growth for many companies. Interest rates have stalled many planned projects by some of their customers and ultimately flatlined certain industries. They have been able to ride out these difficult times by quickly moving into new industries and finding the best markets for their products and services.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 140k
£ 34k
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2d 21h

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Matthew John Peach
Edward James Peach

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Aylesford, UK

"To be Britain’s foremost sheet metal engineering firm, with industry-leading customer service."

22 years, 7 months
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