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A&A Training are the UK's leading healthcare training company, working across both public and private sectors. From first aid to clinical skills, they provide more cost-effective training which many organisations rely on, especially with the current pressure on the NHS. A&A Training require funding to expand to the next level through purchasing more equipment, developing an e-learning service, and marketing.

Delivering high-quality healthcare to all

Established in 2002 by two ex-medical public sector employees, A&A Training work to help NHS and private suppliers meet their audited needs through first-class healthcare training. Our services cover mandatory training, resuscitation, complex care, and clinical skills for medical professionals from NHS Trusts and private clinics, care homes, charities, and so on. We also run classes for non-healthcare sectors, including first aid and health and safety in corporate and educational organisations, and even individuals looking to receive Resuscitation Council (UK) accredited training.

We exceed expectations, making us one of the UK's leading healthcare training companies; we also operate on a global scale, with sister companies in India and Australia. In the UK, we have over 80 Advanced Life Support (ALS) instructors and a faculty of resuscitation experts, made up of senior nursing and medical clinicians with extensive knowledge and experience. In addition to the vital medical skills we teach, we also offer sessions on matters such as safeguarding, equality in the workplace, and fire safety, to name a few.

Currently, we are rolling out e-learning packages to leading UK companies, to ensure all clients are able to access learning materials wherever they are in the UK. As we enter into an exciting period of growth, we are raising funds to aid this expansion. This includes purchasing further equipment to keep up with our demand and to develop the new e-learning service to accompany a new website. Finally, we will use the remainder to market our services in order to grow our client base.


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£ 96k
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Andrew Le Grove
Patrick Stork

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A. Every customer who trials it buys it and the feedback from individuals who have used it has been 97% 5/5

A. This will give significant rise in profit

A. Hi, We do not have these yet but we are heading for an increase and consistent with previous years

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"Delivering high-quality healthcare to all"

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