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8 Retail Consulting have identified eight key areas to help retail businesses succeed: people, product, performance, presentation, place, planning, promotions, and profit. Building on this, they offer a range of brand-developing services and have worked with popular names, like Norwich City Football Club and extreme sports label, One Route. They will use the funds raised to put their methods into practise by launching their own clothing brand, 8 Apparel, with aspirations to become a global online company.

Creative consulting for retail success

At 8 Retail Consulting, we believe in helping brands maximise their potential. Our founder, Stephen, is an experienced director and retail guru, having previously worked to for brands such as Jaegar, Mothercare, and Ecco to name a few. With this knowledge, we follow eight key points which we believe can be applied to all retail businesses to increase profit. They are:

1. People: customer needs and empowering team
2. Product: sourcing and retailing
3. Performance: KPIs and strategy
4. Presentation: visual merchandising, customer services and journey
5. Place: e-commerce and social media
6. Planning: critical path, tools, and processes
7. Promotions: marketing and brand stimulation
8. Profit: return on investment and delivering profit.

Alongside strategy, then, we also offer marketing, photography, videography, and more to our clients, with fantastic results.

This is demonstrated through our case studies. For example, we worked with Norwich City Football Club, assisting them with their retail strategy, plus kit design and launch. This was a huge success as they now benefit from increased kit sales by 50%, as well as a long-term technical kit contract. We also helped growing brand, One Route, who wanted to change the business from purely on equipment such as skateboards, bikes, and kites, onto software goods, like clothing and footwear. With our expertise, they grew sevenfold by opening 20 new stores, rebranding and launching the website, and becoming more social media savvy.

Having developed our expertise, we want to put this into practise ourselves. With the funds raised in this campaign, 8 Apparel is a new clothing brand we aim to establish: we will enter the online fashion industry with previously unseen fabrics to generate on-trend products, including sportswear and casual wear. Our turn around for manufacturing will be quick (30-40 days), with the entire process taking place in the UK, and costs will be kept to a minimum. With our stylish products in tow, we will create an online buzz via social media to drive sales. We can then use the data we collect to build profiles and test new products. At present, we have a website in early stage development, from which the below graphics are taken, and a strategy in place; we are raising funds to put this into action.


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£ 50k
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Develop new brand

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Stephen Balmer-Walters

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A. Hi Mohammed, our year ending figure for May 2019 will be £202k turnover and 42% net margin, forecast to May 2020 £320k turnover 50% overall margin, kind regards Stephen

A. Hi again Farhad, we currently have 6 people in the business, marketing, operations, supply chain management, product design, graphic design and videography, everything else is outsource. Myself I have 33 years of experience in consulting, retail, wholesale, manufacturing and operations.

A. Hello Farhad, the additional funds will be used to purchase machinery, fabric, 3rd party expertise along with marketing to drive consumers to the site in its first 12 months, with a conversation rate of 10% we will be able to convert the marketing spend effectively and start to see an immediate return on investment.

A. The impact is very low as the expertise within 8 Retail Consulting the business covers both brands. This allows us to have a very positive economies of scale with, marketing, operations, pr and product development.

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"Creative consulting for retail success"

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