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218 Strand is an established company that hosts the Society of Mediators, a registered charity leading the education and training of legal mediation, and a number of chambers. Their aim is to deliver the Free Mediation Project and raise public awareness of approaches to conflict and beneficial methods of resolution. Currently placed in the legal heart of London, they will use the funds raised to open additional offices in the South West and continue to expand the reach of their pioneering practice worldwide.

Pioneering a tool for resolution and change

At 218 Strand, we operate world-class mediation and arbitration facilities, hosting the leading charity, The Society of Mediators, and a number of chambers, such as Normanton Chambers. Made up of a panel of fully-accredited mediators, the Society of Mediators are a registered charity set out to increase the availability and raise the awareness of mediation as a practice. We believe that mediation offers a new approach to resolving disputes, difficulties, and conflict, which plays a vital role in civil and criminal justice, and is a major tool for beneficial change. We therefore established the Free Mediation Project to offer public education and provide skills to the legal professionals of the future.

Our training courses are available for law students, law firms, and even the general public wishing to learn more, and the accreditation gained is recognised worldwide by the Civil Mediation Council, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and more. We work with gold-plated organisations, including the NHS, The Bar Council, and Kings' College London, to name a few, and ensure that we deliver the highest standard of education as our panel of mediators are active practitioners and have worked internationally and diversely. Their services are available via our pilot scheme at fair prices.

At the moment, we are ideally located by the Royal Courts of Justice in London. However, the opportunity to replicate the model has arisen in the South West: with the funds raised, we intend to take a long lease within the county town’s most prestigious business address and there establish the South West’s first mediation, arbitration, and dispute resolution centre. This will also provide a base for barristers’ chambers, the Society’s western outreach, and of course further training. The lease is available to commence on 1st June 2019 and the fit out will then take place. The work will be conducted under the direction of leading mediation figure and founder of both the Civil Mediation Council and the Society, barrister Jonathan Dingle FRSA.


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Expanding offices to Bristol

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Jonathan Dingle

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A. Good morning: no problem - we have already made the offer STC and are awaiting the draft lease. We understand that the property will be ready to fit out and then occupy by late May.

A. Michael, good evening: first of all thank you for your interest and to the investors to date - many thanks. On the Bristol point, whilst in due course we plan to open a site for Bristol and South Wales, that is in the train for September 2020. The present campaign is to allow us to lease and fit out 4, The Crescent Taunton to be active and in play this summer. We fear that the agent who created the page misunderstood the timings and we will ask her to correct. Best wishes.

A. No idea. We had not seen it before today and have not engaged with Equifax.

A. Some (about a third) of mediation training is done free for charitable reasons. The remainder is sold commercially. This, with room hire and licences, commercial mediations and other training provides the income to the business.

A. Interesting question - in fact the Free Mediation work is separate from any commercial private worked trained mediators wish to do. The Free Mediation Project is run by the charity, The Society of Mediators. We supply the training courses for the Society, as well as the rooms etc. How trained mediators choose to use their skills after accreditation is up to them. There are no restrictions but we provide guidance and mentoring - as well as advanced training and annual CPD.

A. Certainly - unauditted management accounts for year ending 31 Jan 19 show T/O £300,107.16; GP £264,152.18 NP (after predicted tax) £18,728.14 which is in line with the plan following the London changes. Assuming we proceed with the new SW office from the end of (our) Q2 (31 July 2019) we predict T/O increasing to £380,000 by 31 Jan 20, GP of £324,000 and NP of £24,000 given the capital spend to set up.

A. We funded it from capital reserves and director's loans in a planned and structured way. Given the nature of the underlying professions my team and I are in we are cautious and careful. We also have more than 20 years experience in this area of business. We support the charity but are not a charity - thus we must (and do) get our sums right. This will continue. The diversifying to allow our conflict resolution mission to spread outside London is planned and affordable.

A. Good evening Adam: as part of the preparation to diversify around UK, of which Taunton is the first step, we gave up two of the three floors which we had been using, We now have the best (second floor) space with not only amazing views but fully refitted rooms. This increased expense in a planned way and reduced gross income and (initially) profit in 2017/18. This was actually less than expected as usage increased. This year we will be back in profit - which allows us to service the borrowing.

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"Pioneering a tool for resolution and change"

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