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121 Rental are a car and van hire service in London, offering vehicles appropriate for both work and personal use to accommodate those living life in the fast lane. As members of the BVRLA, their impressive range of vehicles comes quality assured and with excellent customer service. 121 Rental will use the money raised to continue the growth of their diverse collection of cars and vans.

Finding you the perfect vehicle.

Founded in 2015, our family-run van and luxury car hire company, provides London and Essex with top quality vehicles. We pair competitive prices and low deposits with fantastic customer service. Flexibility is key as we recognise that every driver's experience and requirements are unique. Therefore, we offer not only top quality vehicles but also drop-off services, on-demand chauffeur services, and ensure that every vehicle is kept to the highest standard in terms of cleanliness. As proud members of the BVRLA, we operate under sector-specific codes of conduct, meaning that our services are consistent and reliable.

Our client base praise us for our hassle-free approach to meeting their requirements, whether they involve short-notice, spontaneous plans or important events such as weddings. Plus, covering both short-term and long-term hire, we can facilitate those looking for a one-off vehicle for a trip away or a reliable car for the daily commute. Our testimonials are overwhelmingly positive, meaning that most customers have returned numerous times. In turn, we like to engage our clients by posting regular industry updates on our social media platforms.

Our wide range of cars and vans are from the most renowned manufacturers: Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. We are looking to expand and thereby increase our fleet of vehicles through stock purchase. The funds from this campaign will allow us to do so, therefore letting us reach even more people and assist them with their transport needs.


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£ 50k
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Abraham Omoyele

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A. Dear Rachel,

I hope my answers to all the questions will suffice and if you have any further questions please do feel free to contact me.


A. Dear Max,

The £50k would stand as an initial rental on 15-18 leased vehicles with our current method of procurement.


A. Dear Max,
Our Assets (Vehicles) had depreciated 20% each year, this was included on our capital allowances in both years and the losses on assets where factored in our net profit and offset against corporation tax payable.

I hope this helps

Regards Abraham

A. Dear Sharon,

Thank you for your question and I hope the response below initiates the answers to both your queries

The large long term creditors consists of the following:

Asset Finance on vehicles (24-60 months)
Working Capital Loans (60 months)

I'd be happy to email you them across as i have all of this information on spreadsheets. Can you kindly send a blank email to:
I look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards

A. Hi Jakob
We are expecting better utilisation, incremental price increase 10-12% and possible consolidation/re-finance of asset repayments

A. Hi Jakob
Thanks for getting in touch.
We are currently paying over and above the odds in interest on the assets, the depreciation stands at 20%. our profit ratio stands at around 11%. Our rental prices are kept at slightly lower rates than other independent rental companies.

I hope this helps


A. Hi Michael
Thanks for getting in touch.
We was trading at Finchley Road prior to taking our business fully online as part of our business strategy, K2 Prestige has no connection with 121 Rental. when we vacated the space September last year they took over the premises.


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"Finding you the perfect vehicle."

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