Rebooting Britain.

We are preparing our team, reinforcing our regulatory obligations, developing new features and a revolutionary range of financial products to support the economic recovery effort to help you.

We believe FinTech will be a core part of the UK’s economic recovery effort, an effort that must be embraced by everyone in the UK to ensure not just a solid bounce-back of the economy, but a bounce forward too.

We took the decision to pause platform investments while we monitored the highly disruptive economic situation, as we have been focusing on making sure that you have access to the emergency relief credit. We have also been re-aligning the platform's financial products with government stimulus programmes and optimising our technology.

So far, we have been making excellent progress over the past few weeks in collaboration with various government departments to define our approach for a strategic relaunch over the coming weeks. The platform will be re-opened with a significantly improved offer to investors, that builds on the 7 years of successful trading, insights gathered, technical capability and crucially – our investor community.

We feel incredibly privileged to be in the position we are and appreciate the significant recognition for the efforts our Crowd2Fund team have made and our community of more than 15,000, exclusively private, investors and entrepreneurs. We can make a real impact in the reboot of the UK economy – we want to do this with you.

More than 500 entrepreneurs have been funded via the platform creating countless jobs, new products, revenues for the government and economic activity.

Our investors and entrepreneurs have been very understanding and patient during the crisis and businesses have been working round the clock to re-calibrate their businesses for survival, re-launch and significant post-crisis growth. As there is an unprecedented government stimulus being put into the economy, we think we’ll see significant economic growth in a new and exciting direction as we enter a new digital age.

We are different because technology and compliance are at our core, whilst offering a range of features which are not available on any other platform, globally. We are incredibly excited about re-launching the platform and scaling to a significant size given the exceptional market demand for economic growth as we come through the crisis.

The platform was founded off the back of the previous economic crisis, bolstered due to Brexit worries and now we will unleash its full potential and capability with a view to building a dramatically fairer financial system for entrepreneurs and investors.

Many of you have embraced the many different types the government stimulus available and we expect a strong emergence of economic activity due to this.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and please be reassured we are doing everything we can to support SMEs at this hugely challenging time. We look forward to updating you over the coming weeks, as we prepare to re-open with a pivoted and strengthened proposition suitable for this new economic cycle – and we want you, our early adopters, to be part of it. 

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