• Crowd2Fund Reveals Investor Performance

    In line with our ethos of transparency, Crowd2Fund has released data on how the funds of our investor base are performing. The data shows 80% of all investors outperform the best-case modelled scenario - Find out more below.

  • Crowd2Fund Releases Loan Data and Actual Fund Performance

    After five years, we are now able to publish our comprehensive loan book data set and calculate actual returns after fees and bad debt. Have a read below as we dive into the loan book and break down our findings.

  • Compare ISAs And See Their Benefits

    The tax benefits of ISAs are compelling. Being able to grow investments tax-free is a no-brainer and in addition to this, investors can also benefit from higher returns over time. We run the ruler over the details of each ISA and the benefits you can expect to receive - check it all out below.

  • Supplement Your IFISA Returns With 'Refer & Earn'

    At Crowd2Fund, we want to reward existing investors and encourage you to share your success from using the platform. Enter Refer & Earn: a bonus scheme that allows you to get 2% cashback on investments made by someone that you refer to the platform after 12 months.

  • Smart-Invest: The Intelligent Tool To Grow Your Investments Automatically

    Enter Smart-Invest; an AI-powered feature that allows you to automatically invest your funds into live opportunities on our platform. You choose your desired savings plan and risk appetite; we do the rest. Sit back and watch your funds grow steadily at a similiar APR to regular investments.

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