• What is the rapidly expanding Innovative Finance ISA landscape looking like?

    Earlier in the month, HMRC released data showing that a total of 2,000 IFISA’s were opened during the tax year, introducing a potential of £40million investment available to British businesses; the total amount of funds invested overall reached an average of £17 million across all providers so far.

  • Innovative Finance ISA Crowdfunding Exchange Booms

    Crowd2Fund’s Exchange, a secondary market for trading crowdfunded investments, was first launched 18 months ago. It is benefiting from a significant increase in activity in line with the platform’s exponential growth this year.

  • Introducing Crowd2Fund’s Venture Debt

    In the latest sign of an ever more developed alternative finance market, Crowd2Fund have announced a new Venture Debt product. This is targeted at established businesses who have a short term requirement to access cash to facilitate their growth.

  • Crowd2Fund is accredited by the UK Crowdfunding Association

    The UK Crowdfunding Association, was formed in 2012 by fourteen crowdfunding businesses. They all seek to further the power of crowdfunding to make a difference. The members of UKCFA all have to stand by the code of practices;  For more details on the code of practice, visit http://www.ukcfa.org.uk/code-of-practice

  • Most common crowdfunding myths

    There are a lot of misconceptions about crowdfunding so we thought we'd clear up a few. Here are the most common mistakes people make about crowdfunding:

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