• Mankind's next great achievement? A Perspective on AI from Crowd2Fund

    In a few weeks, Crowd2Fund will be taking the leap into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the launch of its automated investing tool, the feature makes it easy for people to benefit from peer-to-peer and automatically chooses businesses to lend to based on their appetite for risk.

  • How the Innovative Finance ISA or IF ISA works

    Orcamoney is a Fintech company providing support services to the financial service industry, and is convinced that the P2P Lending is a highly beneficial alternative to traditional investment mediums. They're dedicated to promoting alternative finance as the new way of making money and spreading around the UK and worldwide.

  • IFISA: It's mission critical that a controlled launch is maintained

    Recently, questions have been asked about the way the government and regulators have brought the new Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA) to market. We think differently.

  • The Budget 2016: Crowd2Fund's Response

    Yesterday Chancellor George Osborne delivered his eighth budget as Chancellor. Whilst this resulted in GDP growth figures for the next year being reduced, due to macro economic factors, from 2.4% to 2%, a number of measures were introduced which are likely to benefit businesses and investors.

  • Crowd2Fund goes global

    Crowd2Fund, one of the UK's leading peer-to-peer business lending platforms and SME investor exchanges, has opened up its platform to the global market allowing investors from 163 countries worldwide to register for opportunities to invest in Britain's fastest growing and most innovative businesses.

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