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Home Sight UK care for thousands of patients every year through their domestic eye test services. NHS approved, they offer comprehensive tests, as well as a range of affordable frames and lenses, to patients from the comfort of their own care home, accommodation, or private residence. The funds raised will enable Home Sight UK to develop their new platform, Blink, to facilitate growth as they continue to expand their premises.

Eye care from the comfort of your home

Home Sight UK formed in 2010 to give people the option to take their eye care appointments the comfort of their own homes. We are the leading domiciliary opticians in London and the South East of England, specialising in visits to care homes, sheltered accommodation, and private residences. Our NHS services are free for those no longer able to reach a high street optician, due to physical or mental disabilities, or for people receiving certain benefits, meaning that we care for thousands of patients year on year. On top of this, after diagnosis, we offer a wide range of affordable frames and lenses via a thorough fitting service and fast delivery.

Our eye tests are performed by qualified and sensitive staff, using portable diagnostic equipment which is to the same top standard as high street equipment. We pride ourselves on adhering to stringent clinical standards, rules, and regulations, with our patients' wellbeing at the forefront of our concern, and we have been commended for this. We work in conjunction with Age UK, the Optical Confederation, and of course the NHS.

With a large current operation case, we are now building towards Cambridgeshire to set up base in Suffolk and surrounding areas. We aim to facilitate this expansion by developing a sales system called Blink, which the money raised in this campaign will go towards. This will boost sales and increase usability for staff and patients alike.


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£ 50k
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Development of Blink

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Hugo Potgieter

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A. Hi Jakob. There is no off the shelf domiciliary product that can work fully offline and keep our processes fast and effective. Our enemy is time. We tried and bought the systems that claims that they could do this. High Street Optics is different, with lots of products. Our challenge is connectivity. Something that cannot be overcome, with Wifi Dongles, MiFi devices, Hotspots etc.

A. HI Lian, The decision makers for most of our clients are siblings, family members, carers, manager etc. In our humble opinion, this group is the real target group. The 35 - 60's. Saying this, more and more of our housebound clients, connects effectively through online channels. Our challenge is definitely also to get our message to those who are isolated in their own homes. For this, we have a field team, speaking to many people as possible

A. On a Marketing side, this is our challenge. Making sure the people that need the service most, knows about us. We have many channels, targeting these people, through GP's, Online, Offline & Partnerships.

A. Hi Michael. They cannot favour suppliers. They have all our literature. The decision to use our service is in the hands of the client. Our aim is to get our name familiarise with domiciliary care through as many channels s possible.

A. Hi Jocelyn. Will look at this. Although the name very important, it would be the functionality of a streamlined system that makes the difference.

A. As a starting point to your question, our new system will make us stand out and enable a leaner process.
Our USP sits within our Caring Culture. Our services is delivered in the same way at the moment but we take huge pride in the way we connect and spend time with clients. HomeSight People is carefully selected. We deliver spectacles faster and resolve complaints more effectively. We are agile and make decisions faster.

A. Hi Micheal. The decision makers for most of our clients are siblings, family members, carers, manager etc. In our humble opinion, this group is the real target group. The 35 - 60's.

A. Hi Matthew. We've redesigned our marketing process which led to additional cost. Website, Marketing collateral and offering. This cost is not ongoing. The work of this will produce uplift in sales.

A. I am not sure how Equipax scores, dont want to speculate. Let me look into this.

A. Domiciliary in 2018 is still delivered pretty much the same as 30 years ago. We have paper based systems that requires huge amount of duplication.
Blink is software, bespoke to domiciliary, as we have the processes mapped but a connectivity issue. Our system design will have a offline functionality to work effectively in all these places where a MiFi/4G/Hotspot solutions is not sufficient. Our challenge is always to deliver a fantastic service at a good pace. Any system must outperform paper

A. Cambridgeshire is an area we actively work in with a fairly easy commute. We would like to expand our footprint in Cambs, and into Peterborough, establish a team that can then work easier into Suffolk. Essentially serving Suffolk from Cambs and not London as its done now.

Challenges in Suffolk is Staffing, in particular Domiciliary Optometrists, and journey time.

A. Hi Jakob. Thanks for the question. We analysed our competition and believe we have a 2% marketshare with 3 very strong and dominant companies owning 60% of this market in these areas. In this lays huge opportunity for us to win business but also capitalise on this growing elderly market. So the potential is not reached but with a leaner model we can reach these opportunities better & grow faster.

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