Geo 4-D are an independent geoconsultancy, specialising in advanced remote sensing and 3D data services, who use the wealth of experience at our disposal to provide an accurate, cost-effective and flexible solution, using the best software available to us. With this round of funding, we aim to purchase new equipment, while increasing our marketing presence and workforce.

Utilising modern technology to meet your needs at a competitive cost.

At Geo-4D, our team are dedicated to using the best technology available to us to compile solutions for a range of problems that arise for companies on a geophysical scale. The problems that we have been able to tackle for our clients range from assessing a 24-acre site with one of our UAVs to help a farmer assess the number of black grass in the winter wheat crop, to helping real-estate-focused businesses to create 3D models of properties.

We arrive at our drone-based solutions through taking advantage of the range of equipment we have available to us (including fixed-wing, multirotor, and VTOL drones), allowing our clients the luxury of being provided with a tailor-made solution with the help of our network of pilots stationed across the UK and parts of Western Europe. Our network of expert CAA-approved pilots, along with the support of the in-house technical team, lead to an efficient and accurate process from day one. We pride ourselves on being in possession of the best equipment there is, so with the funding received from this campaign, we want to build on this by purchasing more new equipment.

If a project has already started, then that doesn't mean our services are no longer available. Full ground modelling capability is offered and can be engaged at any stage of a project, using the only software on the market that enables full relevant site data, to take out the awkward hiccups that bog down using a multitude of softwares. The result of a comprehensive ground model can be a highly-detailed insight into the layers that make up a surface whether it be a field or the roofs of a row of terraced houses.

To increase the network of pilots and scientists available to us, we aim to use your funding to recruit a new team member for the Offshore Ground Modelling aspect of our business, in addition to new equipment (inc. R&D) and an increase in market presence across Geo-4D.


Where will the funds go?

New equipment
Sales and Marketing

Key people

Brian Critchley
Director/Principal Geoscientist

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"Utilising modern technology to meet your needs at a competitive cost."

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