Affordable Home Store specialise in a range of household furniture and appliances at reasonable prices and with flexible payment plans available. With 5 years in trade, and a combined industry experience of over 45 years, they pride themselves on offering high quality pieces with generous guarantees. As they continue to grow, Affordable Home Store will use the funds raised to open a new retail park location in Stevenage.

Top-quality products at flexible prices

At Affordable Home Store, we offer reasonably-priced products with flexible payment options. We specialise in household furniture and appliances, with all of our products being sourced from reputable and high-quality brands. Our wide range of stock includes comfy sofas and beds and stylish kitchen appliances, such as washing machines, fridge-freezers, ovens, and many more. All our products come with generous guarantees, with the option to extend the cover even further.

We champion flexibility and want our customers to have access to the best quality products they can, so we offer the ability to spread payments over a longer period. We accept schemes from Snap Finance and Klarna, finance models that aim to split lump payments into more manageable chunks. With our industry knowledge totalling a combined 45 years and our trading experience of 5 years, we're well-informed to help match people with the best deal for them.

Our headquarters and locations are found in retail parks across England. In the next 3-4 weeks we're looking to open a new premises in the Roaring Meg retail park in Stevenage, which the funds raised in this campaign will go towards. We have a growth plan in place for the longer term and aim to open another location in Beckton after this.


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A. Hi
We have unique contracts and relationships to buy end of lines and clearance furniture from well known furniture retailers with the promise that we do not resell online nor advertise the original retailer.
We sell from the floor in a TK Maxx environment and always carry thousands of items for immediate delivery.
This offers unique affordability direct to the public.
I hope that this answers your question.

A. Hi
As soon as the initial start up costs per store opening have been met margins grow.
However we have recently done great deals with China and the UK for well known branded furniture so we anticipate that our margins will be even higher.
I hope that this explains your question.

A. Hi
We have managed to find a formula that no one is doing on main line retail parks.
We have contracts to purchase end of line and discontinued branded furniture from household name companies with the promise that we do not re sell them on line nor advertise the original seller.
That together with our retail image similar to TK Maxx/ Homesense works.
I hope that this explains our concept.

A. Hi
Our company is Affordable Homestore Limited and we trade as Affordable Furniture Outlet.
At present we trade West Thurrock Retail Park.
It is one of the largest and busiest in the South of England.
We are due to open on the Roaring Meg Retail Park Stevenage in September.
There is a new company that has called itself Affordable homestore who sells on line.
We are not associated and we are looking into this.
I hope that this clarifies the position.
Chris Anthony

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"Top-quality products at flexible prices"

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