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Access Install are emerging frontrunners in the energy efficiency and metering industry. As fully authorised Meter Operator Providers, Meter Asset Managers, and Providers, their aim is to provide smart gas and electricity meters throughout the UK, seeing the process through from consultancy to installation. With a growth plan in place, Access Install will use the funds raised to acquire customers and develop their website.

One-stop-shop for energy efficiency

Our aim is to make Access Install the UK's premier one-stop-shop for smart meters. We have over 30 years of experience in data management and field services and to date have fitted around 50,000 smart meter installations since 2016. With our authority as Meter Operator Providers, Meter Asset Managers, and Meter Asset Providers, we offer consultancy, day hire, and installation services in both domestic and industrial/commercial sectors. We cover data management, emergency call outs, smart meter strategies, and maintenance.

The UK government have announced a legislation to promote lower energy usage nationwide, declaring that smart meters are to be installed in over 53 million homes by 2020. We have over 1,500 engineers across the UK ready to tackle this. We're passionate about the cause and the effect we have on the environment. Smart meters ultimately benefit users as they allow for optimal energy usage: that is, they provide more accurate readings in real time, which is then shared more frequently with the energy or gas supplier. This ensures bills are more accurate and usage can be monitored more closely.

We currently have 30% of the UK's energy suppliers signed up with us and plan to become the largest smart homes company in the UK. We then aim to tackle Europe, in what is an emerging and growing sector. The money raised in this campaign will therefore be instrumental to our strategy, beginning with acquiring new customers. We will also cover operational costs and plan to develop our website and branding.


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£ 80k
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A. Hi Matthew,

We are expecting a c. 10-14% net margin for ease of reading.

Many thanks.

A. Hi Matthew,

In the early parts of the business cashflow like any growing exponentially was tight. However, as mentioned above, by automating a large part of our back office requirements, we will start to see the influx of cash increase, as there is less of a 'human error' element to the BAU.

Many thanks.

A. Hi Matthew,

Apologies for the delay in response. We have managed to control costs by investing heavily in our IT infrastructure. This allows us to keep track of elements such as fuel, van usage, insurance, installations, invoices etc. By automating a lot of the back office requirements we have managed to control costs.

Many thanks.

A. Hi Jakob,

This is essentially incorrect. The SMETS1 meters will be adopted into the DCC framework which will allow them to function in the same way as SMETS2 meters. This 'fake news' to a degree is led by the likes of the Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Guardian.

However, in the event that a supplier wishes to change the meter on the wall they have to pay 'early termination' charges, which is the 180 month £ paid upfront to remove the meter.

Many thanks.

A. Hi Jocelyn,

Thank you for your question. Out of the 53 million smart meters required, there have only been 5.5 million installed. Leaving a huge volume for us to focus on.

To answer the USP as to how we gain traction with suppliers, we wrap the cost of the install and the cost of the meter into a monthly rental and charge that over 15 years. Rather than the industry standard of charging full price for install. Saving suppliers hundreds of thousands.

Many thanks.

A. Hi Michael,

Correct there is a mandate to fit the 53 million meters, which is mandatory for energy suppliers but not consumers. This target date will shift right to c. 2025. Which by that time we have the meters installed on the wall and are received the rental for 180 months.

Many thanks.

A. There is always a risk of any energy supplier going bust, however in the event that the installation has taken place and we receive the rental on that meter. Energy supplier 'inherit' that meter and it's associate costs. This is written into their licensing conditions and is there to ensure that the customer is protected.

Many Thanks.

A. They are treated as seperate revenue streams. For example there is install revenue, which is billable every 60-90 days. Then there is the residual rental on a meter over 180 months, which is realised during that term.

Many thanks.

A. Afternoon Jakob,

Correct, there is an adjustment to be made with the accounts as a lot of debtors have now been realised.

A lot of the revenue comes from residual that is realised also over the year, and over a 180 month period.

Many thanks.

A. Hi Jakob,

All contracts are a minimum of 2 years, however part of the USP we offer within our contracts is residual income over 15 years amortised through energy bills.

Many thanks.

A. Afternoon Jakob,

Yes we have found that our niche USP has gained phenomenal traction in the market.

YTD= £5.9m
Projected Year End= £8.4m

Many thanks.

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"One-stop-shop for energy efficiency"

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